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Jan 20

7 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should be to Fitzroy Island

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Thinking of escaping the daily grind to relax and rejuvenate? Dreaming of a getaway to somewhere warm and tropical? Want to be surrounded by one of the natural wonders of the world on your holiday? If you’re looking to take a holiday somewhere special this year, then Fitzroy Island is a perfect choice! Only a 45 minute ferry ride from the Tropical Far North Queensland town of Cairns, the island feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of daily life!

Whether you’re young and single, have a young family, teenagers or you’re an older couple looking to unwind, Fitzroy Island has something to suit you. There are also a range of accommodation options, from a simple camp site to a fully self-contained 2-bedroom apartment with ocean views, plus some amazing packages that will save you hundreds!

Fitzroy Island is home to a range of activities and natural attractions but to keep things simple we’ve compiled our top 7 reasons to make Fitzroy Island your next holiday destination!


Come to Fitzroy Island for your Next Holiday!

1. Escape the Crowds in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Unfortunately for the Great Barrier Reef, one of the side effects of being such an amazing destination and being so popular with people from all over the world, is that there can be lots of people in certain places. While most don’t mind sharing a beautiful location with other travellers, some people prefer the serenity of a less populated destination.

Fitzroy is a great way to experience an island in the Great Barrier Reef without having too many other tourists around!

There is also a ‘secret’ beach called Nudey Beach away from the main beach on Fitzroy Island, so even when the island is busy, you can take the track through the rainforest to pop out at a small quiet beach that also happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as voted by the 101 Best Beaches website. Please note, the beach is Nudey by name only, clothes will need to be kept on.

There are also walking tracks around the island where you can always find a quiet place amongst the trees to soak up the amazing natural setting.

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The Beautiful Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island

2. Kids Can Roam 

There’s only so far kids can go on an island, and with a patrolled main beach and no real access to other parts of the island through the thick rainforest, you can rest easy that if kids go roaming, they won’t go too far.

For parents it can be stressful worrying about kids when on holiday, so let yourself relax on Fitzroy Island knowing the kids can go off and play without running into any trouble.


Relax While the Kids Play

3. A Unique Beach

The main beach of Fitzroy Island is not actually sand, but is made up of millions of small pieces of long dead coral that has washed ashore. Listening to the unique sound of the waves lapping on the coral beach as the pieces roll against one another has got to be one of the most relaxing things in the world! Kids also love looking through the pieces of coral for cool shapes.

A fun holiday idea to keep the kids busy is to set them a challenge to find pieces of coral in certain shapes.

If you’re not a fan of this bumpy coral beach, head around to Nudey Beach on the western side of the island which has pure fine white sand.


Sunset on the Coral Beach on Fitzroy Island

4. Turtle Rehabilitation Centre 

Fitzroy Island is home to a turtle rehabilitation centre where sick or injured turtles are cared for by dedicated volunteers before being returned to the ocean once they’re fit and healthy again. Built in 2011 the centre was developed in response to a huge increase in the numbers of turtle strandings following floods in 2010 and Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

The owner of the island kindly donated a piece of land for the rehabilitation centre, which has more room, bigger tanks and cleaner water than the original centre in Cairns.

There is an education centre where people can visit and learn more about the important work of the volunteers. Educational tours are held on the island every day at 1pm (except Friday, when the vet visits) and are subject to availability.

Talk to reception at the resort to make a booking.


A Turtle Swimming at Fitzroy Island

5. A Range of Island Activities

From snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming, to nature walking and exploring the island, to kayaking, fishing (limited to certain areas) and stand-up paddle boarding or taking a glass-bottom-boat tour, there is something for everyone on Fitzroy Island.

Kids will love the floating trampoline in the ocean ($5 fee for all day use), and there is a free cinema as well.

For people that just want to relax, grab a cocktail at the swim-up bar and laze your day away in the resort pool.


Kids Love the Floating Trampoline!

6. A Good Base to Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Fitzroy Island is a good place to base yourself to explore the outer reefs, as there is a tour operator that goes via the island on their journey from Cairns to the outer reef.

If you’re wanting to explore some more pristine reefs, book an outer reef trip with Sunlover Reef Cruises and be picked up from the island, saving you needing to go back to Cairns for the departure point.

Contact us to book your outer reef trip from Fitzroy Island.


Helmet Diving with Sunlover Reef Cruises (image: Sunlover Reef Cruises)

7. Lighthouse & Summit Walk

Fitzroy Island is quite a large island rising to an elevation of 375m above sea level, providing an excellent and challenging walk that rewards you with incredible 360 degree views from the summit.

The summit should only be attempted by fit walkers but for less enthusiastic walkers the Lighthouse is a 3.6km return walk, which is steep but not too strenuous.

Walkers can also explore the ground floor of the lighthouse which is open to the public. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear and take plenty of water with you.


Amazing Views from the Summit of Fitzroy Island

So, when are you coming to visit?

Want to stay on Fitzroy Island? Get in touch with us and we can organise tours, transfers and accommodation for your stay, at the best rates guaranteed. Don’t forget to ask about our exclusive package deals!

All images courtesy of Tourism Tropical North Queensland except where stated otherwise.

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