Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect idea if you can’t decide what to buy that special person. By purchasing one of our gift vouchers you are guaranted to make sure that your gift is one that won’t be returned!

Cairns Holiday Specialists offer a huge selection of gift ideas from accommodation to tours and activities in Cairns & Tropical North Queensland.

So regardless of age, hobbies and interests you are bound to find something to suit the occasion for your friend, relative or colleague, giving them the chance to get exactly what they want.

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Gift Vouchers Special Occasions

  • Birthdays

    Birthday Gift Ideas for that specaial Cairns & North Queensland Getaway
  • Gift Occasions

    Not sure what to buy, our special occasion Gift Ideas have some great ideas
  • Holidays

    Treat your loved one to a Cairns & North Tropical Queensland Gift Voucher
  • Christmas

    A special gift for that special time of year with our Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas to make your Mum feel extra special on Mother's Day
  • Father's Day

    Give a fantastic & memorable gift to your Dad this Father's Day
  • Easter

    Easter Break Gift Ideas so all the family can enjoy this fun occasion
  • Valentines Day

    Romantic Gift Ideas to treat that special someone to something they really want
  • Wedding

    Give the give of an experience they will remember forever coming from you
  • Honeymoon

    Honeymoon's Gift
    Gift registry is now more popular than ever for honeymoons
  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year Gift Idea
    The Spring Festival is a time for welcoming in the New Year, celebrating & giving
  • New Year

    Happy New Year Gift Idea
    In some cultures gifts are exchanged for the New Year, think gift vouchers
  • Diwali

    Diwali Festival
    Diwali is a time of celebration a time to give a Gift Voucher to a family member or friend
  • Babymoon

    Babymoon Couple's Hideaway
    Before the prince or princess arrives a surprise babymoon is always welcome
  • Anniversary

    Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
    Wedding, work anniversary, business milestone and more send an Anniversary gift
  • Well Done

    Well Done Gift Ideas
    Great job well done you made it all your efforts have paid off finally

Cairns Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are really a special event that needs to be celebrated but sometimes our busy lives do not allow us the time to stop and reflect on what we have done or achieved since our birth so it is nice when you receive an unexpected gift from a close friend or relative that remembers your special birthday. It is even better when you receive a gift voucher which gives you the opportunity to go and choose your own gift and use it at a time suitable to your busy schedule. Cairns and Tropical North Queensland has so many tours, activities and attractions to choose from it which makes it even more exciting and a memorable gift giving idea

Wedding Gift Ideas

It can be so hard to buy the happy couple a wedding present as the modern bride and groom seem to either have everything they want already or they may have said to guests there is no need for a gift. As a guest at their wedding you may feel that you would still like to give a gift but you are not sure exactly what they may need so it is always safe to buy some sort of gift voucher card so they can then make their own purchasing choices. The Cairns Holiday Specialists have gift voucher cards that can be redeemed for holiday accommodation or for any of the tours or attractions in the region and this is great if the couples are locals or intending to spend their honeymoon on the Great Barrier Reef  

Honeymoon Gift Ideas

Giving an accommodation or tour gift card voucher is now a very popular and very safe gift to give the newly wedded couple. They may already have everything they need for their home and may be spending a lot of money on the wedding celebrations and would just prefer for their guests to maybe add to their honeymoon holiday via a gift card voucher that they can redeem for holiday accommodation or a tour or attraction in and around Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef is a great holiday destination to spend Chinese New Year with your loved one’s, family and friends and there is no better gift exchange than to give than a Cairns Holiday Specialists Gift Card Voucher. With their personalised gift card they can book their holiday accommodation or day tours and join the local Cairns Chinese community to celebrate Chinese New Year in the city with Lion dances, Dragon dances, fireworks, and big celebration Chinese banquet dinners and more

New Year's Gift Ideas

In Scotland the New Year’s celebrations are called “Hogmanay” and the Scots have a very long rich heritage going back to the Viking days with this event. And in France New Year’s Eve is called “la Saint-Sylvestre” with lots of house parties, boat cruises and holidays abroad to bring in the New Year with the parties on New Year’s day being called “Reveillion” and this is when gifts are exchanged with family and friends. In Thailand the New Year falls around April and is called “Songkran” and celebrated over an extended 3 days and people also exchange gifts for loved ones and business associates at this time. So as you can see people of the world just love giving gifts to each other 

Diwali Gift Ideas

As Diwali is one of the largest and brightest Hindu festivals to celebrate the coming of a new year everyone’s family, friends and business associates just love to get together over the Diwali period to celebrate, relax, share and give gifts to each other.

We all love to receive a gift but when it is not really something you had in mind for yourself it can be a bit hard to show the appreciation on your face when first opening the Diwali gift paper.

By giving your special loved one, your family or friends gift vouchers from the Cairns Holiday Specialists everyone smiles as they unwrap their gift. Vouchers can be used to redeem some Great Barrier Reef holiday accommodation or a local day tour in Cairns and can be used over a 12 month period. So go ahead have a look at buying a Gift Card Voucher for Diwali   

Babymoon  Gift Ideas

Cairns and Tropical North Queensland are very popular places for couples to hide away in peace and quiet. There is wide range of luxury and budget hotels and resorts from Cairns and Palm Cove to Port Douglas where they can relax with each other by the pool and just do whatever they want before the excitement of the new babies’ arrival. Dependant on the trimester couples can also enjoy spa treatments together and spend days out snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and exploring tropical islands and just generally enjoying the sunshine. All expecting parents would just relish the opportunity of a babymoon and a gift voucher for some holiday accommodation or a Great Barrier Reef tour would be greatly appreciated by both.   

Anniversary Gift Ideas

As humans we all love a reason to celebrate achievements and milestones so we keep track of times to ensure we can pop that cork or take that well-earned rest once we hit that anniversary date. The idea of giving a gift for an anniversary is part of that annual celebration and a gift card or gift voucher is the perfect way to say congratulations to either your parents for their wedding anniversary or your loved one for achieving a personal milestone. Have a look at the Cairns Holiday Specialists website for some overnight accommodation or a day tour experience you could buy, or why not just purchase a gift voucher with a certain denominational value so the receiver can choose their own hotel or tour. Gift vouchers are the perfect gift for every occasion. 

Cairns Valentines Day Gift Ideas

February is known world-wide as the love month and February 14th is Valentine’s Day but Valentine’s Day can be any day you like when you are in love.

September is the biggest wedding month in Australia so that could also be known as the “Love Month” and Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is one of Australia’s most desired wedding destination so we have lovers running around everywhere.

When you are in love it is the most wonderful feeling in the world, nothing could be more perfect and you want nothing more than to shower your loved one with gifts and appreciation of them making you feel the way you do and to thank them in your own special way.

So why not give them a Cairns Holiday Specialists Gift Voucher so that you can both enjoy a relaxing weekend away together or a Great Barrier Reef tour to a tropical island for some valuable relaxation time. Who knows it may give you the opportunity to pop the question?

Well Done Gift Ideas

If you see a loved one, work colleague or friend has been working tirelessly towards a goal with a lot of blood sweat and tears and they achieve it then why not reward them with a little gift voucher of some overnight accommodation in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland or a day tour so they can put the tools or pen down and just relax and enjoy their achievement. You can all put in some money together and buy a 12 month gift certificate card for a specific amount of monies and then the gift receiver can choose where they would like to stay or which day tour or overnight activity they would like to redeem and bask in their success. The recognition of a well done gift voucher will really be a special reward that will be remembered 

Cairns Special Occasion Gift Ideas

Gift giving “Just Because” is a great way to just say to someone “thank you” for being there, thank you for your help, I love you, or I am thinking of you. You do not need an excuse to give a gift as gifts come from the heart and when you give a gift for no commercially promoted reason then that makes it even more special to both the gift giver and the gift receiver.

You may know of someone who has never been to the Great Barrier Reef but you know it is on their bucket list and they may have had a few ups and downs lately so you would like to give them a surprise and buy them a gift voucher. You may like to make a donation to a local Cairns charity event so a gift voucher is the perfect way to make a contribution.

There are so many reasons and so many occasions for just giving a gift of kindness and appreciation

Cairns Holiday Gift Ideas

Have you ever dreamed of winning a holiday? We think most people have so we have gift vouchers that can be used to give away a Tropical North Queensland holiday. These vouchers can be packaged to include accommodation, tours and car hire for the lucky recipient.

If it is someone special that you think needs or deserves a holiday to Cairns then why not buy them a holiday voucher? When you choose to buy a holiday voucher you do not need to choose the accommodation or the tours you may just want to nominate a dollar value so that the recipient may have the fun of choosing all those components themselves. 

Cairns Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone loves Christmas as it is a time to celebrate religious events, spend time with family and friends and have summer holidays. Gift giving at Christmas can be a real headache when trying to think of that perfect useable gift for that special person so we have put together some beautifully designed gift voucher cards for you to either nominate a Cairns tour experience or make an accommodation choice or just put some money on the card so the recipient may choose the activity for themselves.

Everyone loves the surprise of opening Christmas gifts and gift vouchers are the only gift that are never returned or re-gifted or re-sold on eBay.

Christmas gift vouchers can be purchased from $20.00 to an unlimited value if you are feeling extremely generous over the festive season.

Cairns Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Now we all have mothers and there is no denying that! Our birth mother may not be with us but we can still celebrate “Mother’s Day” with other mothers who deserve a little surprise. Some mothers that we can think of may be one’s that look after orphan children, or day care mothers. It can be your friend’s mother who is always kind to you or it can be a surprise mother’s day gift card that will go to a charity raising event.

Our mothers have such a big job and they really need to be recognised and spoilt not only on mother’s day but on many days through the year so why not buy a mother’s day gift voucher a few times a year to make your mother feel extra special

Cairns Father’s Day Gift Ideas

And again we cannot deny that we all have a father and they may or may not be with us but there are also lots of deserving fathers out there that are doing great things for charities that would be very surprised and greatly appreciative of a surprise father’s day gift voucher. Some gift vouchers for a father maybe a half day fishing tour, a half day kayaking adventure or a day on the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Holiday Specialists have a huge array of tours and accommodation for you to choose from and if you need some advice and help just call our reservations team and they can put the perfect father’s day gift idea together for you.

Cairns Easter Gift Ideas

The Easter holidays are the next biggest break after the Christmas holidays and everyone really looks forward to them both religiously and on a family level as everyone gets to spend some valuable time together. Around Easter things are cooling down in the southern states of Australia and everyone starts thinking about a warm destination such as Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and as people are becoming more health conscious they try to think of gifts other than chocolate they can give for Easter and gift vouchers have now become one of those popular items.

Posting Easter eggs and cash in the mail is fraught with danger so a gift voucher may just be that perfect gift you can give to either an individual or a whole family.