Palm Cove Weddings

Each year romantic lovers both young and old, some for their first time round others second or third time, fly into Palm Cove in Queensland Australia each year to wed their loved one and there is certainly no surprise why.


The idealic Palm Cove tropical beachside village is the perfect tropical wedding location with its palm-lined cobble stone streets it's just picture perfect for that horse and carriage arrival or Harley Davidson entrance with the Great Barrier Reef islands and azure waters as the back drop.


Palm Cove is not only a brides dream destination but also a photographers dream wedding shoot destination and a great place for your family and friends to take an extended holiday after your Palm Cove beach wedding.

Mother Nature really excelled herself when she created Palm Cove with its towering ancient Melaleucas that line one side of the village esplanade and the beach front with soft white sands and shady trees and tropical palms in the mix, and Double Island and Scout Hat Island framing the background. To get the picture of the ambience and natural beauty have a look at our Palm Cove Australia Photo Gallery and see for yourself how ideal this beach destination is for your special wedding date.

Palm Cove

Tropical Palm Cove in Queensland Australia, neighbours the Cairns Great Barrier Reef to the east and the pristine World Heritage listed Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforest to the north, is an ideal beach wedding destination for couples seeking a memorable and idealistic wedding day at one of the worlds most exotic and pristine destination locations. Palm Cove contains several five star luxury resorts as well as more intimate beachfront holiday apartments and holiday homes for families. The sandy beach and sparkling coral waters serve as an ideal backdrop for couples saying "I do". The offerings of the fabulous alfresco and fine dining restaurants that line Palm Cove's beachfront provide reception venues suitable for groups of all shapes and sizes and feature tantalizing menus, creative themes and un-spoilt beach and ocean views.

Palm Cove Wedding Accommodation Packages

Palm Cove offers holiday accommodation to suit the budgets of all of your family and friends, with a varied assortment of holiday accommodation options from self catering holiday apartments to three, four and five star luxury resorts and hotels on the beachfront and when you Register Your Wedding with the Cairns Holiday Specialists you and your family and friends also receive further Discounts on your groups Holiday Accommodation, Discounts on Tours and sightseeing so be sure to speak to the Cairns Holiday Specialists to ensure you get the best local advice and best value for money for your Palm Cove beach wedding.

Wedding Guest Accommodation

It is deemed proper etiquette for wedding guests to pay their own travel expenses and hotel and lodging costs is something that needs to be decided in each situation. Palm Cove has a range of accommodation options from luxurious resort suites to more affordable beachside apartments and providing an option for your guests is usually recommended as they always want to know where the bride and groom will be staying. This is where the Cairns Holiday Specialists can be your wedding angels and look after all of your guests accommodation requirements.

Cairns Holiday Specialists will not only provide your guests with great wedding package rates but also let you know where all of your guests are staying along with when they are arriving and departing. They can also arrange all pre-post wedding tours at great discount rates. Some examples can be a sunset cruise on the ocean or the river, a day out snorkeling and diving on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef or a romantic day for two on a solitary sand cay in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef with not another soul around and your private helicopter on the sand next to you. Just let them know your requirements and the Cairns Holiday Specialists can make it happen.

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Palm Cove Weddings

All you need to do is Register Your Wedding with the Cairns Holiday Specialists and complete the Registration Form advise your guests on your wedding invitations to make their accommodation bookings with the Cairns Holiday Specialists mention your wedding code that is provided to you and you, Your Family and Friends will automatically receive these benefits.


The Bride and Groom:

  • * Discounts on Already Discounted Accommodation
  • * Discounts on Your Cairns Honeymoon
  • * Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions
  • * Free Cairns Wedding Supplier Registry*

Your Family and Friends will also receive the following Great Holiday Saving Benefits when they book their accommodation and tours with the Cairns Holiday Specialists


  • * Discounts on Already Discounted Accommodation
  • * Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions 

Please contact us at Palm Cove Australia to register your wedding or alternativly call us on 07 4059 5959. We look forward to having the opportunity to assist you.


Palm Cove Wedding Package Planners

Many people think that destination weddings are expensive, stressful and confusing. On the contrary, Palm Cove destination wedding packages can be quite effortless, affordable and stress free with the proper assistance and organization, information and preparation from a local Palm Cove Wedding Planner.

In an attempt to make your wedding planning as easy and hassle free the wedding accommodation specialists at Cairns Holiday Specialists, who have a wealth of local knowledge and insight, have put together this wedding directory offering couples a complete comprehensive list of all the premium and dependable wedding suppliers in Palm Cove.

Planning a destination wedding package has never been easier and more and more people are coming to this tropical oasis to say their vows because of the ease, affordability and glamour of an exotic beachside wedding. Having a wedding planner making all the necessary package arrangements for you for what could be one of the most memorable days of your life is an easy decision to make.

Wedding planners can put together the perfect wedding package to suit your requirements and budget as they are locals and have all the contacts that make your wedding package just as perfect as you want it to be.

If you are planning a budget wedding package that incorporates just yourselves some witnesses, a marriage celebrant, table and chairs for document signing and a cold bottle of bubbles for the celebration on the Cairns Esplanade or Palm Cove beachfront then this is possible from as little at $880.

If you are looking for the big event then a wedding planner is an absolute must to ensure your Palm Cove beach wedding day goes all to plan.

By working around our wedding planning calendar and utilizing our listed wedding suppliers your wedding in Palm Cove will neatly unfold right before your eyes without all the stress and bother.

Palm Cove Wedding Calendar

Once you have made the decision to hold your wedding in Palm Cove Queensland Australia there are a couple of things that need to be addressed. First of all a budget needs to be prepared in order to help you make practical decisions. A rule of thumb for destination weddings is the size of your guest list will directly determine the size of your budget. The further you are traveling, the more travel costs so you will need to factor this into your budget keeping in mind that with the deregulation of the airlines there are always great special offers to be had at different times of the year and you will probably find your flights will be the cheapest component of the wedding if you sign up to the airlines SMS notifications.

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Wedding Budget, Legals & Time Management

Wedding Budget

Once you have mapped out your budget set out a realistic price range to allow for some necessary adjustments, establish a maximum budget threshold from which you can not go over; this will ward off lucrative impulse decisions. Keep in mind the budgets of other guests and realistically expect that not everyone will be able to attend, by giving different accommodation/dining options, holding your wedding in the shoulder season, booking early and making group bookings, helps to make your beach wedding more affordable for everyone. When planning a beach wedding in Palm Cove you may find that not even price will discourage guests from visiting this much sought after destination they will actually stay on and make it a family holiday its just so idealic.

Wedding Legal's

Another key point that needs to be considered when planning your beach wedding in Palm Cove is marriage requirements. For international guests you must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage one month prior to your wedding date with your chosen wedding planner or celebrant; this can be faxed, emailed or mailed. Once you have arrived in Palm Cove you must show your celebrant your passport or birth certificate as well as any relevant Divorce Decree Absolute or Death Certificates from previous spouses. The Australian law states that you must be over the age of 18 and that two witnesses are present at the time of marriage; these can be arranged by your wedding planner or celebrant. Upon marriage you will be granted with a Presentation Certificate, it is advisable that you check with your country to see what documents are needed for your Palm Cove wedding to be recognized.

Wedding Arrangement Time Management

The following is a suggested timeframe for planning a stress-free tropical beach wedding in Palm Cove Queensland Australia. The larger the wedding party the more planning time is generally needed, we suggest that leaving one year for preparation will ensure a smooth and enjoyable timeframe leaving plenty of time for your family and friends to be able to save and plan to attend your beach wedding, finalise all of the little things like hair appointments, nail appointments, fun group tours and activities for your guests and smooth out any rough spots and have time to make important decisions that are too precious to be rushed. Of course impromptu weddings can also go off with out a hitch, and can be planned in as little as a month but it is advised that the more time spent planning will ensure a more enjoyable and memorable tropical wedding day for everyone involved.

Wow you're engaged to be married what now? Firstly get over the shock and excitement and then get dreaming and planning but don't rush into it too fast otherwise you may just scare your partner off.

Your 12 Month Wedding To Do List

1 Year to go

- Announce your engagement to family and friends

- Choose your date to actually get married

- Decide on your groomsmen and bridesmaids

- Decide on your budget

- Discuss your wedding venues with a wedding planner

- Research airfares

- Look into marriage requirements

- Make tentative guest list (plan wedding with priority guests in mind)

- Get fit join the gym so you shine on your wedding day and look princess perfect

- Discuss with your partner your life goals and ambitions to ensure you are perfectly matched

- Discuss your expectations of marriage and what it means to you both

- If all the above is good then get planning

10 months to go

- Get all travel and legal documents in order

- Have in mind the wedding service providers you need

-Ask us to arrange your wedding accommodation and the guest's accommodation options

(Always advisable to pre-book a block of rooms)

- Inquire into flights and register on line for SMS special fares (may be advisable to pre-book seats on airplane)

- Send out 'save this date' letters to family and guests

8 months to go

- Decide on wedding theme

- Register for gifts or donations to your charities of choice

- Send invitations if extensive travel planning is needed

6 months to go

- Select/ order brides gown/ grooms tuxedo

- Select/ order wedding rings

- Finalize accommodation and flights

- Choose wedding suppliers (cake, transportation, flowers, celebrant etc.)

- Organise gifts for your attendants and special family members

4 months to go

- Finalize all plans, check and cross check

- Update budget

2 months to go

- Plan order of events

- Creating seating chart

1 month to go

- Finalize and confirm all details of wedding are in order

- Once you arrive in Palm Cove, meet with all wedding service providers

Congratulations and good luck you are about to be married in one of Australia's most beautiful beach destinations and we are happy to have been a part of your wedding celebrations.

Cairns Holiday Specialists Tip:- Best word of advice ladies and gents is don't rush it just enjoy it all as you don't want to be called a Bridezilla or Groomzilla. It's one of the biggest special events in your life and you do not want it to be memorable only for tantrums and mishaps.

Your Keywords to remember are Timetable, Organize, Delegate and Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Wedding Images © Posh Photography