Cairns Beaches Weddings

Most guests love a beach wedding as it makes it easier for them to choose a more casual outfit for the occasion and the fact it is being held in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is even better as they can combine the wedding invitation with a little holiday in the sunshine.

Whilst Cairns itself is not known for its beach the northern beaches are the hot spot destinations for the locals and tourists to head to when things begin to warm up and they are looking for some fun and relaxation under the palm trees.

The Cairns beaches are made up of Holloways Beach, Yorkey’s Knob, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach and Palm Cove.

Cairns Beaches are popular for weddings as they are not crowded at any time of the year and sometimes you may be the only people on the beach at all dependant on the time that you choose.

Palm Cove and Port Douglas are the most popular destinations for a Tropical North Queensland wedding followed by Trinity Beach.

Cairns Beaches Weddings

Whilst Cairns itself does not have a natural beach it has the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon which is a giant swimming pool on the harbour front of the City and many a couple have their wedding photographs taken here with the huge expanse of blue water and the metal art works of the fish of the Great Barrier Reef behind.

Another popular area in Cairns is the parks and gardens along the esplanade that offer picturesque raintrees, palm trees, and lots of other endemic tropical plant species and the ocean behind to perfectly frame a wedding photograph.

Cairns city also has a waterfront wedding chapel and churches of all denominations and the St Monica’s cathedral which draws international visitors to see the world’s largest themed stained glass window installation has an audio commentary explaining the inspiration behind the works which interprets the meaning of the glass windows into a spiritual story.

Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach is a little enclave just 15 minutes’ drive north from the centre of Cairns City. Whilst it offers a catholic church it also offers very scenic locations for a beachfront wedding ceremony.

The Trinity beachfront esplanade may not be more than a kilometre long but it is very picturesque. The pathways and gardens are lovingly cared for by both the local residents and the Cairns City Council making it an alluring attraction for morning walkers and families for recreation.

The beach itself is very typical of Tropical North Queensland beaches with swaying palms lining the backdrop, headland rock formations and the rainforest clad mountains behind.

Wedding accommodation wise you have the choice of some luxury beachfront holiday apartments and some three and four star holiday units.

There is a good choice of restaurants for your wedding celebrations both on the beachfront esplanade and some just back off the beach. 

Kewarra Beach

Access to Kewarra Beach is via a residential area and the car park at the end of the cul de sac opens up to the long expanse of beach that goes all the way to the Palm Cove jetty.

Kewarra Beach is a very quiet beach so you are sure to find a time for your beachfront wedding ceremony without seeing another person about.

As you head on down the path to the beach you will see a rock clad lush green headland to the right. The beach here is very flat and the tides can go out quite a distance making for some very interesting photography.

Whilst there are no churches in Kewarra Beach there is one resort that is quite popular for smaller beachfront weddings that also offers catering for your big day.

Palm Cove    

Palm Cove is one of those hidden gems that once you stumble upon it you will never forget it.

It’s a little village about 30 minutes’ drive north from Cairns and is a mecca for tourists looking for relaxation in tropical scenic surroundings.

Again less than a kilometre long the esplanade road is made up of pavers to create the ambience of a little village and it is framed on the beachside with swaying palms and endemic plant species and on the other side you will find giant ancient Melaleuca trees that are over 200 years old with the commercial buildings built around them to accommodate their growth.

You will not find any buildings on this beachfront any higher that three to four stories and each one has been designed to blend in with the tropical environment.

Accommodation wise there is so much to choose from for everyone’s individual tastes and budgets. Wedding reception wise again with the wide choice of international hotels comes some very nice beachfront restaurants should you wish to be a bit more casual and not locked away in a function room.

Whilst there is no church in Palm Cove there is one beachfront chapel and a huge beachfront with extremely visually pleasing locations.

Your photography backdrop here is Double Island, Scout Hat Island, the Palm Cove jetty, the headland to the north, the headland to the south, the quaint village itself and the McAllister ranges behind.

Port Douglas     

Again like Palm Cove, Port Douglas is a mecca for weddings in Tropical North Queensland as it is has the feel of a village that is surrounded by Four Mile Beach, the Port Douglas Inlet and the mountains behind.

Port Douglas is visually brilliant with the Low Isles to the north out to sea, the rolling hills in all directions that make for the best sunsets, the parks and gardens which are just so lush and brilliant and the vibe of the destination is also infectious for those couples looking for a destination with a bit more action.

Port Douglas is probably best described as a Noosa Main Street of Tropical North Queensland as it offers a wide choice of shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and entertainment for those that like a bit of action.

Accommodation wise your guests needs will be easily catered to with a wide choice of accommodation for all budgets and preferences and the same goes for their personal meal choices.

Port Douglas offers churches of all denominations and you can find some quaint stone churches in the surrounding regions which looking magnificent on film.

Within Port Douglas itself the parks are very popular for wedding ceremonies as is the restored St Marys By the Sea.

Wedding reception choices are also varied with the Port Douglas Sugar Wharf, and Flames of The Forest being some of the most spectacular destinations in Australia        

Other Cairns Beaches

There are a number of other beaches and coves along the Cairns to Port Douglas highway that offer unique private venues for your wedding nuptials so just ask your wedding celebrant or photographer about the opportunity to consider these locations.

Please keep in mind all beach weddings and public space weddings will require a permit from the Cairns City Council

Wedding Images © Posh Photography