Cairns Weddings

Now all of your family and friends would have definitely have to had heard about the Cairns Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and if you were to hold your wedding in Cairns they would all be sure to come along not only as an invited special guest to your wedding but also as a good excuse to experience the Great Barrier Reef which they have been promising themselves to do for a lifetime and to make a real holiday of it for the whole family.



Cairns City as a Wedding Destination

Cairns Queensland Australia is a picturesque lush green tropical environment and is renowned nationally and internationally as a premier tourism destination. Cairns now attracts around more than two million domestic and international visitors each year to visit the Cairns Great Barrier Reef for diving and snorkeling and to visit the World Heritage Daintree and Cape Tribulation rainforests. Cairns Queensland Australia is the only place in the world where two world heritage sites meet – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Cairns Wet Tropics Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforests.


Research has shown that among these two million visitors to Cairns, thousands of these people are here purely to attend one of the approximately 1500 weddings that are held each year in Cairns. Cairns is also the number one dream destination for Australian brides but the least marketed destination.

Cairns is a small city by international standards. Located by the sea it boasts a good balance of laid back tropical lifestyle and the excitement of a major tourist destination with lots of amazing things to see and do. Cairns is a great place to visit for the active adventurous tourist with skydiving on the beach, white water rafting, scuba diving, quad biking, hiking, bungy jumping and lot’s more to test your metal all within a short coach journey from the city. Cairns offers a wide range of shopping like other tourist destinations and dining is an easy option as the city caters to a huge backpacker market for budget meals and entertainment to the high end five star hotel traveler that likes to experience fine dining and evening entertainment in each region they visit.

Cairns Attractions

Your Cairns wedding guests will have lots of fun before and after your wedding ceremony visiting all the tours and attractions that Cairns offers. They will also be able to enjoy some night life as there are numerous bars and nightclubs in Cairns city to keep them entertained. Many tourists initially use Cairns as their base and then branch out and explore the Cairns northern beaches, Daintree and Cape Tribulation and Cooktown

Cairns is a popular travel destination for foreign tourists because of its year round tropical climate and proximity to many of “Mother Natures” natural world re-known iconic attractions. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can be reached in less than an hour by boat from Cairns and Port Douglas and the Daintree and Cape Tribulation National Parks are a scenic two hour drive from Cairns city along the coastal road. Daintree and Cape Tribulation also have beautiful rainforest resorts and this region is a good stop over for those people wanting to explore Cooktown and beyond to the Cape York Peninsula.

The showcase centerpiece of Cairns city is the Esplanade Swimming Lagoon that caters to 1,000 swimmers at one time. This is the place tourists meet and mingle and have barbeques and dance to the day and night events that the Cairns city council hosts making the city a place for everyone to have some fun. The Cairns Esplanade boardwalk runs the full length of the city from the cruise ship terminal on the Trinity Inlet south of the city to the northern end at the foot of the Cairns International airport

This boardwalk is extremely popular for pedestrians and cyclists to exercise and admire the beautiful surrounding scenery. It’s also a great place to sit and watch the world go by with helicopters and seaplanes all taking off from the waterfront pontoons in front of you and to see all the tourists excitedly boarding the boat tours to the Cairns Great Barrier Reef.

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Your Cairns Wedding

A tropical wedding is what most brides’ dream of. A bright sunny afternoon with the palms swaying in the cool breeze and the lush green foliage and colourful tropical flowers framing the wedding pictures, just what quite a few brides wish for.

Well you are looking in the right place as that is Cairns Queensland Australia all over.


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Your Local Wedding Partner

The Cairns Holiday Specialists can be your local wedding partner to take away a lot of the running around and all the stress that goes with not being a local and knowing the region. They know all of the Cairns wedding suppliers and contractors and they will put you in touch with each and every wedding supplier you will need to make your Cairns wedding perfect.

Cairns Holiday Specialists referral service is a complimentary service for all brides planning a Cairns wedding. As part of that personal wedding referral service The Cairns Holiday Specialists can also offer you the Best Wedding Accommodation Rates Guaranteed in the city of Cairns for you and your family and friends., They also provide Discounted Rates on Tours for any of the pre-post tours and attractions your guests may like to do like snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef or visiting the Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforests.

Register Your Wedding

All you need to do is Register Your Wedding with the Cairns Holiday Specialists and complete the Registration Form advise your guests on your wedding invitations to make their accommodation bookings with the Cairns Holiday Specialists mention your wedding code that is provided to you and you, Your Family and Friends will automatically receive these benefits.


The Bride and Groom:

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  • * Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions
  • Your Family and Friends will also receive the following Great Holiday Saving Benefits when they book their accommodation and tours with the Cairns Holiday Specialists
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  • For you the bride this service will take a lot of the running around and stress of away so you can get on with your other plans and enjoy this exciting time in your life. You can call the Cairns Holiday Specialists seven days a week and they can keep you up to date on where your guests will be accommodated, when they arrive and depart and on what tours and activities they would like to join you on.

To Register Your Cairns Wedding And Save simply call 07 4059 5959 alternativly send an email to with all of your details and the reservations team will do the rest.

Cairns Wedding Accommodation Packages

The Cairns Holiday Specialists can arrange wedding accommodation packages in Cairns city Hotels and Resorts that can also include breakfast, airport coach transfers or limousines and other special touches on request. Or for those guests that would like to self cater, a holiday apartment overlooking the ocean may be the best choice.

Great savings can be made when you package your holiday accommodation with the tours and sightseeing activities you would like to do Cairns Holiday Specialists are the Cairns Wedding Package Accommodation and Tour Specialists


We guarantee you will not find a better value wedding accommodation service in Cairns north Queensland Australia Contact the Cairns Holiday Specialists and Register Your Cairns Wedding on 07 4059 5959 or via email to

Cairns Wedding Package Planners and Stylists

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or nervous about making all of your wedding plans on your own then there are a selection of local Wedding Package Planners and Stylists that are the experts in their field in Cairns and the surrounding regions. It’s the Wedding Planners job to make all of the little things matter and the timing on the day to run seamlessly like clockwork.

It’s best to be in touch with a Wedding Planner Stylist as soon as you have made up your mind on the destination you will be holding your wedding ceremony celebrations as they can immediately alleviate all of the pressure for you and take things in hand quickly and get them organized expertly.

You may think having a wedding planner stylist would be an expensive exercise but you will actually be very surprised. A very basic mini wedding can all be arranged from as little as $890 if need be.

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Cairns Wedding Photography and Videography

Cairns city has an unbelievably beautiful and romantic backdrop perfect for any wedding photographs or videos. There are unlimited locations and different options for beautiful wedding photographs in the Cairns region and professional wedding photographers will be able to suggest great photographic shots depending on your personal style, theme and requests.

When choosing a professional wedding photographer you are paying for someone to make you look fabulous and for capturing the brilliance and essence of your wedding day. Every single aspect of your wedding day should be captured in your photos, from the flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen to the cake, food and flowers; the more of your special day caught on film the more the memories will be treasured as you journey thru the years of life.

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer can be stressful but by following some important criteria your decision can be made much easier. The experience level of your wedding photographer is often an important consideration. If they have shot several weddings in Cairns then they will be able to provide samples of previous work, references, different suggestions for photograph locations and will definitely have a contingency plan for back-up photographic locations in case of adverse weather conditions.

Discuss with your potential wedding photographer what styles and themes you are wishing to project in your wedding photos. Do you want your wedding photographs to look exotic, antique, classic, formal or candid? Would you prefer full color photographs or a mixture of colour, romantic black and white and sepia? Generally speaking if your budget can afford it it’s nice to be able to have a mixture of all three development types. Full colour photographs are able to capture the vibrancy and excitement of your wedding day, black and white photos expose a romantic look and antique finished pictures are very classis.

The personality and chemistry you feel from your correspondence or meetings with your wedding photographer will help you to decide if they are the right members of your wedding planning team. Once you have selected your wedding photographer its now down to the photographic options.


Wedding Photography Packages

Finding out the different package options, delivery method, digital options and price range are other details to consider. How would you like your wedding pictures displayed to share with your friends and family? Will you want thank-you cards, photo albums, bridal portraits, photo CDs? Most wedding photographers today use digital images and can email you the prints so you can download them and email them to your wedding guests. When deciding on your wedding photos you should find out what picture sizes are available and how soon after the wedding they will be ready. Choosing a wedding portrait package that fits your budget is very important. The more money you spend on photographs the more assurance you can feel that you will receive a professional experience with high quality photos. After the wedding is over there really are only a few things that can remain as keepsakes; the better the photos, the more clarity, expression and feelings your photos will provoke year after year.

Wedding Videographer

You may also want to hire a professional videographer to capture a higher dimensional keepsake of your wedding day. By videotaping your special day, you will be able to relive the details over and over again and perhaps be able to view events and moments that you missed out on. Not only will you have in depth images but you can capture irreplaceable details such as the beautiful wedding music, the vows between you and your beloved, the speeches by friends and family and the distinct sounds that make Cairns weddings unique such as the breeze in the palms or the chirping of the tropical birds in the native flowers that surround you. Ten years down the track you will reflect and treasure sights such as grandparents, distant friends and relatives and young children; these things may become more important to you than the actual footage of yourself on your wedding day.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring one of your wedding guests to film your special day. You may be very disappointed with the amateur job and later wish that you had hired a professional videographer. The pressure of creating the perfect video may also be very high for your wedding guest and will also take away from their enjoyment of the day. The same criteria used to select a photographer can be used when choosing your videographer. It’s always wise to select a local Cairns videographer to ensure they know the best locations for shoots and always have the contingency plans arranged just in case something does go wrong on the day. When reviewing previous work done by your videographer pay special attention to the sound and picture clarity. Discuss with your videographer the shots that you would like included in the video and discuss the possibility of incorporating a sound track and photographic montage of you and your partners lives before and after you met. Wedding videos are excellent gifts for wedding guests and for those unable to attend the wedding ceremony and reception. Keep in mind good wedding videographers book up very quickly so if you are planning on tying the knot at a busy time of the year or on a Saturday make sure you book well in advance.

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Cairns Wedding Dress and Suit hire

Like the wedding cake, decorations and flowers; your wedding dress makes a bold statement and reflects the theme and style of your wedding as well as your unique personality. If you are bold, classic, romantic or extravagant this should be ultimately reflected in the creation of your wedding dress and in your accessories (veil, necklace, earrings, tiara etc.). With the right dress, every bride can look stunning on her wedding day. Your wedding dress just may be the most expensive item of clothing that you will purchase your whole entire life or you may choose to borrow one or hire one or for the more adventurous even make one to save money so you can spend more on important things like the Honeymoon. Make sure that you don’t rush into this decision, try on several different dress styles and make sure you have an honest friend or professional helping you choose the perfect wedding gown. Have a good look around on the internet for the current fashions and styles to assist you with this very important decision. Destination weddings can sometimes prove difficult when transporting your dress overseas or across the country. If you don’t want to deal with this added stress it is not uncommon for destination brides and grooms to rent their wedding dress and tuxedo and we are fortunate here in Cairns to have some fabulous choices of designers and hire companies to assist you.

Choosing a Wedding Dress

If you’re ideal wedding is planned and you have an idea of theme and style, it is time to start thinking about your wedding dress. Cut out images from magazines and the internet and create a scrapbook of styles, patterns and accessories that you like. Whether you are having your dress made, buying it brand new or hiring one for the day, these clip-out pieces will help your dressmaker or wedding dress professional find dresses that appeal to your personality. When trying on wedding dresses try at least three dresses in three different styles. The more dresses you try on, the better idea you will have of what flatters your figure and style that best suits. It is important when deciding on a wedding dress that you put together the whole outfit before making a decision. Make sure that your selected veil, shoes, jewelry, tiara and/or hat all complement each other.

If you are having your wedding dress custom designed make sure you take along several pictures so that your gown maker can get a sense of exactly what you are looking for in a wedding dress to save you from any disasters. For a Tropical wedding in Cairns fabrics such as, lace, muslin, fine cotton and organza are popular because they are light and airy, beadwork, diamantes and sequins are making their comeback so try incorporating these into your dress design to add an extra sparkle. Traditional white dresses are no longer the must have’s for your wedding, things have become not so formal opening up to more subtle hues such as champagne, ivory and blush. Whichever color accentuates your skin tone the best, is usually the color for you (remember that the tan you will acquire while holidaying in Cairns will do wonders for your skin tone just don’t get sunburnt). Also keep in mind there are no rules for wedding dresses nowadays so colours, length and style or theme are all acceptable. It’s your day after all!

When buying or having your wedding dress made keep an open mind. Sometimes the style that you have dreamed about simply doesn’t suit your body type. You can usually trust your first impression and the professional eye of a dressmaker or wedding dress consultant.

Be realistic with your body shape when buying your wedding dress. If you are not a size 8 six months before your wedding, you may not want to count on being a size 8 on your wedding day and you certainly do not need this added stress when planning your wedding. Most shops will alter a dress so that it fits you properly but it is always handy to go in for last minute alterations about a week before the wedding. There are some general guidelines for choosing a dress that flatters your body type instead of buying one that highlights all your problem areas.

Frills and fluff should be avoided if you have a fuller figure as it adds on unwanted texture to your body Pear shaped figures are accentuated nicely with smooth, fitted bodice V shaped dresses Full or ¾ length sleeves will balance a large hipline For petite figures, simple gowns trimmed with lace look great Tall and thin women should avoid wearing dresses with severe styles and vertical lines. Enhance your slender frame with a graceful scooped or round neckline Lines are the most important part of the dress Work to highlight your best features but just make sure they are not overflowing over the top of your dress as this really takes away from the beautiful gown and can really offend your guests. If you have large hips try an A line gown (which gives you height and reduces your width) If you have a thick waste try a princess waist which is just a smidgen higher than your normal waste If you have heavy thighs try fuller skirts and dresses

Flatter your best assets and draw attention away from your worst is the key rule of thumb when choosing the perfect wedding frock.


All is well and good once you have chosen the perfect dress, you’ve made your last alteration but now you need to haul this immaculate creation thousands of miles overseas or across the country. These days dresses must be stored underneath the plane so packaging it up to ensure it won’t get damaged or wrinkled is crucial! You can certainly ask the bridal salon if they can pack the dress for you and they will oblige as best they can. If you are packing your wedding dress yourself have a look around on the internet for a specially made wedding dress transportation service that may get your wedding to Cairns without a wrinkle. Or you can try a large box that is about 1/3rd the length of the front of your gown. Line the box with white tissue and lay the gown face down; make sure the dress is central and there are no creases or wrinkles. Beginning at the side, fold the skirt lengthwise over the tissues, then add more tissues and fold it again. Adding more tissues fold it one last time and the top of the gown should be facing up. Fold other accessories such as the veil, bows etc with tissue and close the box. Make sure that everything is snug as can be but not squashed and if there is additional space- stuff it with tissues! This should assist with a smooth delivery no matter where you are traveling from. Once you get to your Cairns accommodation, try hanging the gown up in the bathroom and turn the shower on hot, close the door and allow the steamy room to iron out any wrinkles on the dress otherwise contact a Cairns dry cleaner that is a specialist in wedding gowns and have them give you ideas on how to have your dress looking the best it could on your wedding day.

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Cairns Wedding Cakes

No wedding day would be complete without a wedding cake or some type of sweet. The history of the wedding cake is actually quite interesting. The wedding cake tradition started in Ancient Roman times. The Ancient Romans would bake a loaf of bread of barley or wheat and the groom would break the bread over the bride’s head. Breaking the bread over the bride’s head was said to symbolize either the breaking of her virginity or of his dominance in the marriage and that the cutting of the bread together showed the guests the first joint task of the marriage. Thank goodness this is not practiced any longer.

Another tradition that has become popular in the western world is the separation of the groom’s cake and the bride’s cake. The origin of this new trend is unclear but the groom’s cake is usually served from the groom to the bride and then bride to the groom. The gesture of feeding cake to one another is a symbol of the commitment the bride and groom are making to each other in front of their guests.

Most modern wedding cakes today are multi-tiered for the larger weddings but there are several other cakes which are also becoming popular for smaller to mid sized weddings and themed weddings like cupcake towers, multiple heart shaped cakes, circular cakes, castles, fire engines and even beach themes are in the mix. If you don’t fancy a traditional fruit cake then why not incorporate a chocolate sponge, carrot cake, whit chocolate mouse or some other favourite flavours and have layers of completely different flavours for some fun to pretty much guarantee that everyone will find a flavour they like.

Another tradition is for the bride and the groom to keep one of the layers of their wedding cake to share after their first anniversary or for the christening of their first child. Please note it’s not a good idea to keep a chocolate cake for long extended periods of time. You may actually make yourselves very ill if you attempt to try it twelve months later. The keeping of the cake as above only applies if it is an alcohol soaked traditional fruit cake and that it is stored safely in hygienic conditions.

When celebrating your wedding in Cairns you most certainly will be hiring a cake maker or baker (as trying to prepare a wedding cake in your resort or apartment kitchen seems a bit ridiculous!) Once you have found your cake maker, make sure that they really understand the theme and style you wish to express so your cake matches the rest of your wedding. Taste test different flavors so you won’t be disappointed with the final outcome and make sure the icing, adornments, rosette flowers, ribbons and lacework all match the theme of the wedding. Some recent trends in wedding cakes include personalized cakes with inscriptions, monograms or a pattern of your wedding dress, bold colors and the incorporation of cultural traditions (such as Japanese symbols for example).

Another thing you need to ask your wedding cake supplier is if they deliver to your wedding venue which will save you possible disastrous situations when transporting it by yourself or putting the responsibility onto a family member or friend. The wedding cake normally sits safely on a separate table from everything else and may be decorated with flowers or petals.

For larger weddings and for expediency of serving the cake to guests it may be a good idea to have the wedding cake on display duplicated in a long block form in the kitchen already cut and ready to decorate and serve to guests.

When cutting the cake the bride is to hold the knife in her right hand with the grooms hand overtop of hers. With the knife turned upside down (for luck) the newlyweds cut the first slice of cake together. The toastmaster or master of ceremonies will announce the cutting of the cake- this usually takes place after the speeches- and the cutting of the cake is congratulated with sparkling wine toasts.

It is best to have the theme and style of your wedding in mind before choosing the design of the cake. Contact several cake makers before you arrive in Cairns and set up consultation times for once your arrive. By checking out the photo albums of a couple of different wedding cake designers you are sure to find one that can create the wedding cake you desire.

Cairns Wedding Flower Arrangements

When deciding on your floral arrangements for your Cairns wedding the key is to envision the perfect style for your wedding and the style of dress you are wearing. Do you see an intimate and casual affair or a lavishly stylish soiree? Are you going to hold it on the beach with a beach theme, or perhaps underneath a rainforest canopy or beside a waterfall? Is your ceremony going to be traditional or perhaps maybe more contemporary? All of these questions can help you decide on floral arrangements perfect for your wedding day. When picking the color scheme keep in mind that it should accurately reflect your personal style. that you are comfortable with. Dark bold tones seem to have become popular over soft and subtle hues and they look fabulous and make a big statement with a white dress but just make sure that the color arrangement matches your overall wedding theme.


When choosing flowers for your Cairns wedding keep in mind seasonal blooms and styles. An advantage of marrying in Cairns is that the seasonal changes are slight allowing for healthy, year long production of most flowers.

The current trends in wedding flowers may also influence what types of arrangements you would like at your tropical wedding. Daring colors have replaced soft hues and modern brides aren’t afraid to splash bold colours such as bright oranges and electric blues in an attempt to create a vibrant and colorful flower scheme to complement the wedding dress. Another trend is the addition natural organic objects into the floral arrangements for a bit of fun. Small fruits, berries and vines can really spice up a floral display, different woods and grasses can also add unique textures and designs to your wedding flower arrangements. Just make sure you and your wedding parties do not have any allergies to these items.

Keeping the floral designs simple is another classical floral trend leaving no margin for error. Instead of elaborate floral displays, cascading throughout every corner of your wedding venue and looking way over done, simple hand tied displays and single flower arrangements and the less is more approach are making their way into contemporary weddings which also in turns saves you money.

It is recommended that no matter what your mums or your own floral expertise is, hiring a florist is always highly recommended. You certainly do not want to be in a panic the morning of your wedding and  worrying about tying up bouquets and organizing all the flowers; by picking the right florist you will save yourself much time and stress and have everything arranged perfectly for your arrival.

It is advisable to begin looking for a florist pretty much as soon as you begin planning the wedding and it is advisable to have your florist booked at least six months before the actual wedding date. This will also give you time to look around for that perfect arrangement you would like for your wedding day.

When picking the appropriate florist make sure you are comfortable with the florist’s personality, attitude and style. Make sure your florist can offer creative suggestions and is open-minded to your ideas. If you are planning an elaborate floral display, make sure your florist is able to sketch up a design to make sure your ideas are similarly aligned.

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Cairns Wedding Transport

Making a grand entrance to your Cairns wedding can be done in many ways. The important things to remember are to arrive on time (yourself, the members of your wedding party and of course the guests), to remain un-scathed (think in terms of riding in a vintage convertible without ruining your hair and make-up), and of course to book early to avoid arriving at your wedding in a last minute rent-a-car or taxi cab!

The style and theme of your wedding should be reflected in the mode of transportation used to carry yourself, the groom, the parents and the wedding party to the ceremony and reception venues. If you are holding a classically formal wedding then think about hiring a traditional stretched limousine or perhaps even an elegant horse drawn carriage! Helicopters can be used for dramatic and exciting entrances and exits, or for something extreme for the groom why not arrive by parachute! Imagine arriving at your wedding ceremony, you, your mother, your maid of honor and bridesmaids in a hot pink 1975 Convertible Cadillac Eldorado and the grooms party in a 1970 Convertible Mustang Coupe; his and her Harley Davidson’s perhaps? The possibilities are endless!

 No matter what your means of transportation is there are several important steps and guidelines to be incorporated in order to arrive and leave your wedding ceremony and reception without a hitch. Make sure that whichever vehicle you choose has sufficient space inside as to not damage or wrinkle your dress and veil and has plenty of leg room. If you are riding in a romantic horse drawn carriage or a sleek convertible make sure that the driver is able to provide you with umbrellas, or alternatives in case of a windy or rainy day.

Separate formal transportation is generally arranged for the bride’s mother and the bridal party, for the bride and the bride’s father, and then for the groom, the best man and the groomsmen (the newlyweds exit the wedding ceremony as husband and wife in the bride’s vehicle). However the choice of vehicle and who rides where is at the discretion of the bride so don’t let tradition burden your creative plans. Just go with whatever suits you both.

Some more important things to clarify with your driver is to make sure that they will be staying at the ceremony the entire time or that your Bridesmaids have the mobile contact number direct to your driver (so you are not left waiting after the ceremony is over), ask if the company provides ribbons or flower arrangements for the vehicle, music along the way, a sparkling wine (or that you can bring your own) before the reception.

After all is said and done it is the job of the best man and groomsmen to make sure that all other guests make their way safely to the wedding reception. Often additional cars will be arranged to transport guests such as the Grandparents or at least a detailed map is left with each person.

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Wedding Health and Beauty Tips

Looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is a must to create memorable and treasured photographs of your wedding day. Hair stylists and beauticians in Cairns have several tricks and techniques to make brides look glamorous on their special day but there is only so much they can do to make your look like a million dollars. So whatever you do don’t go to heavy on the celebrations with your girlfriends as you will definitely regret it afterwards. Your pre-wedding health and beauty preparation should usually begin about six to twelve months before your tropical wedding date and the longer you can keep up with a healthy and active regime the better the results will be on your special day.

Skin and Beauty

Achieving glowing healthy skin for your wedding day will make you feel better when you look back on your wedding photos. Healthy skin is very important on your wedding day and every eye in the room will be focused on you. If you don’t already have a healthy skin program and don’t know what to do then consider visiting a professional dermatologist early to recommend a skin care plan to ensure you will be beaming for your commitment day. Frequent cleansing facials and spa treatments will help keep your skin clear, moisturised leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

Nowhere is it more important to wear sunscreen than in sunny Cairns Queensland Australia. Wearing at least an spf 30 under your makeup will assist to prevent your skin from the harsh rays of the tropical Queensland sunshine. There is only so much you can put on your face to pamper and protect it. A lot of what your skin is like relates to your everyday diet and lifestyle. On top of your daily cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating you need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to be healthy on the inside.

Make sure you are a non smoker, as a bride with a cigarette in hand is very unattractive very unattractive. Cutting down your daily caffeine intake to around only one or two coffees a day will also help with the skin glow along with keeping the shakes and the highs and lows from caffeine overloads to a minimum.

Wedding Make-up

Now your skin is spotless, your wedding day make up is something that needs to be considered. First thing to consider is if you will you be having a morning, afternoon or evening ceremony as this will be a consideration when choosing the amount of make up that is to be applied, along with the colour of your wedding dress and the accompanying flowers. It is recommended that before you come to Cairns, to get together with your girlfriends and try out some experimental applications to see how it looks. Or you could go to your local department store and have a free make-up sample done by a trained make up artist that carries your favourite brand. They could then show you how to apply your own make up to achieve the same look or you could purchase the products and have your wedding make up artist apply them for you on your wedding day.

Your actual wedding day is definitely not the time to attempt a new look because you have limited time to prepare yourself and you cannot afford for anything to go wrong and ruin the whole event.

Some helpful tips are to definitely use waterproof mascara for when your Mother or Father has that intimate chat with you or you see your groom at the alter awaiting your arrival, long lasting lip stick as there will be a lot of kissing going on make sure your make up is suitable for a tropical environment and not laid on thickly. It should be very light and natural. Ask your lead bridesmaid to keep an eye on the condition of your make up during the day and ensure she is carrying the make up to attend to your touch ups throughout the day.


Wedding Manicure

Your hands are going to be a focal point of the day as everyone will want to see your new wedding ring glistening on your fingers. You should start a fortnightly manicure at least two months before the wedding to get those nails up to scratch and as above eat lots of healthy foods like your greens to ensure they are not brittle and weak. The day of the wedding your make up artist or beautician will be able to professionally apply the best polishes to match your skin color, dress and flowers.

Cairns Hair Stylists for Weddings

Make an appointment with your regular hairdressers and both flip thru some magazines and get their opinion on what they think will suit you for your wedding day as they are the one’s that know your look best, besides yourself of course.

Ask you regular hairdresser to give you some tips on how to guide your Cairns stylist and provide them with as much information and directions as you can so they can create the desired look for your wedding day. Your Cairns hairdresser may be able to add some new ideas or flair to your hairdo as well.

Pre Wedding Diet and Exercise

Okay we would all like to have a body like Elle McPherson but the fact is we don’t because we just don’t look after ourselves like she does. If you want to look good and feel good for your wedding day then think about being drastic and signing up for boot camp 12 months before the big day and removing that comfort layer and turning it into usable attractive muscle to impress your intended.

Maybe even make an appointment with a dietician and discuss diet and nutrition tips that should be maintained including always eating a good healthy breakfast so you don’t indulge in bad things later in the day. Dieticians always recommend you eat a small amount of protein with each meal to help you stay fuller longer as well as assisting in increasing muscle strength. Look at the food pyramid and include at least five portions of fruit and veg each day along with fibre to encourage a healthy digestive system. Break your meal times down and eat around every four hours to keep the metabolism active and working in top order.

When you are on holidays and the wedding rolls around there will be many temptations like chocolates, champagne and celebratory dinners. Try to stick with your diet the majority of the time, allow one day a week or perhaps one small meal a day to indulge your cravings. Once you have arrived in Cairns in the days leading up to the wedding there are plenty of ways to stay in shape; why not try scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef? Go on a trek through the rainforest or an adrenaline pumping ride on a white water raft? These are all great group activities and are guaranteed to help you get fit while having fun on the days leading up to your weddin

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Cairns Wedding Themes

By theming your wedding you will create a unique and memorable atmosphere that you and your guests will remember for a very long time. Your wedding theme should reflect your personality, interests and style and may be able to help you with deciding factors such as your wedding venue, cake, flowers, gown, music, food etc. Would you like an extravagant fairy tale wedding, a romantic Victorian celebration or perhaps a risqué masquerade themed ball? It is not uncommon for a bride to theme her wedding based around her favorite color, flower or season. The theme of your wedding will add pizzazz to your special wedding day and will add to the enjoyment and distinctiveness of your wedding celebration for you and your guests.

When picking your wedding theme try and correlate every detail of your wedding to match. Reception tables, chairs, pews, dance floors and entrance ways all deserve special attention. The decorations at your wedding should represent the theme; let the floral arrangements, the cake and the music tell your unique story. Make sure the food and canapés meet this unique theme and the bridal party and groomsmen’s outfits are also in theme. Once you have come to a decision of what theme you would like to portray at your wedding, it will be much easier to make decisions saving you both time and money.

Garden and beach themes are a popular option in Cairns due to the lush tropical environment and year round sunny days. A wedding in Cairns can support just about any theme. Under the Sea and Nautical wedding themes are very popular accentuated by the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and sandy beaches of Cairns northern beaches. You can even have your wedding ceremony under water with specially designed waterproof audio mouth pieces.

Under the Sea Weddings- Under the sea weddings reflect the magical and vibrant underwater world; what better place to have an underwater themed wedding than on the shores of the Cairns Great Barrier Reef? Color your wedding in soft aqua hues of blue and green, lighting can be used to project a feeling of being underneath the sea, pastels and ribbons, water features and soft floating music will add to this scene. Serve dinner or canapés of seafood and fish and use the natural centerpiece of the Coral Sea as the focus of your wedding party. Just ensure that all of your guests are able to indulge in seafood and do not have any allergies.


Nautical Weddings- Another great themed choice for beach style weddings in Cairns. Use thick knotted ropes, boat oars, treasure chests, buckets of seashells and citronella lights as decorations. You may co-ordinate the bridal party outfits to co-ordinate along with the theme. For the meal fish and seafood (perhaps fish and chips!). We can even arrange for you to take your vows under the sea on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef amongst all the fish and coral along with a few of your hand chosen witnesses. Or the groom may skydive down to the beach and the bride may come along in a romantic horse and carriage.

Other popular bygone era weddings include classic Victorian or Medieval Weddings, perhaps an ancient Roman or Greek Wedding. Use your imagination to come up with something suited to you and your beloved and taking into consideration the tropical environment of Cairns.

If you have always dreamed of being swept off your feet and marrying your prince charming, then have a Fairy Tale Wedding. The beaches in Cairns are just idealic, the perfect setting for a fairy tale wedding. Your dress should be big and fluffy with a flowing veil and your groom should wear a stiff black and white tuxedo, perhaps with a tail coat. An abundance of flowers, ribbons and pastels create an ambiance of magic and romance. Simple food should be served and check with your baker or cake maker if they can design a castle wedding cake. Think of arriving at your wedding in a horse drawn carriage and wedding invitations on died paper with ancient calligraphy tied up in a scroll.

These are just a few ideas for wedding themes in Cairns. Whether you’re wedding is on the beach, in a tropical garden, beside a pool or in a function room these ideas and your own ideas can be incorporated to create a truly unique Ceremony. To create an elaborate theme it is best to hire a professional to help with lighting, audio, decoration and design. The following are suggested technicians in the Cairns area who are creative and experienced at creating detailed themed events. Contact them to find out about more themes or consult them about your creative theme idea. As mentioned before, if you pick your theme before you start planning it will help you make your decisions easier and will save time and money.

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Cairns Wedding Party Ideas

No matter what you call them stagettes, stags, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, hens nights or bucks nights this is still a much anticipated night for many of the younger guests involved in a wedding with a young couple that are about to be married. In times gone by these parties have got out of hand and turned into major disasters so be aware and set the ground rules early so no –one gets hurt.

This is the last night to celebrate being single with much loved friends and family and it’s a symbolisation of the so called last time to ‘let loose’ however far you want to go with that term, before committing to a life of love, commitment and togetherness with your marriage partner.

Generally hens and bucks parties (as they are usually called in Australia) are held a week before the wedding. This timeframe may be difficult if you are only staying in Cairns for a short period of time before your wedding but at least try and have your bucks and hens parties a couple nights before the wedding to allow for some recovery if things get a bit out of hand!

It is generally the maid of honor and the best man who plan the bachelor and bachelorette party. Depending on the personality and taste of the couple, different party options may be appropriate. Always keeping in mind the various guests that will be invited to this event as you certainly do not want to offend or embarrass any one with silly antics. Especially the bride and groom to be and you certainly do not want to arrange something that may jeapordise their or your relationships. No matter what, make sure you book well in advance especially if you are also booking accommodation. Make sure the celebrations are affordable for everyone invited, and that they are not absolutely obligated to attend. Also ensure you advise the selected venue of your plans to make sure that they are appropriate with the venues policies, license agreements and capabilities to ensure everyone is well catered for.

Cairns Hens Night Ideas

Day Spa what a fabulous idea for a more mature sophisticated Hens Party! Take some of the pre-wedding stress away with a glamorous and invigorating day at the Spa with your nearest and dearest. Take a car out to Palm Cove Australia where there is a choice of several Day Spa's all on a 2 kilometer beachfront strip!

There is also an island resort just off the Palm Cove beachfront which features luxurious private accommodation, and miles of sandy white beaches. Palm Cove Day Spa's offer luxuriant treatments such as facials, massages (Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, kodo, remedial and many more original techniques) mud wraps, sea salt scrubs, manicures, facials, Vichy Showers, and wonderful packages combining hours of radiant bliss. Many of these Palm Cove Day Spas have multiple treatment rooms, some overlooking Palm Cove Beach and others suspended overtop of stunning swimming pools! To book your hen’s party day spa treatments contact the Cairns Holiday Specialists by phone 07 4059 5959 to give you advice on the Palm Cove Day Spas that will be able to cater to your party and make the whole day special for you. Following your morning or afternoon at the Day Spa, relax by the hotel pool with your invited guests and enjoy some delicious nibbles and drinks. Why not have a champagne lunch or dinner at one of the fabulous alfresco restaurants in Palm Cove and sample some famous Australian wine we can arrange it all for you.

Wedding Groups Receive Discounts On Day Spas

How about a night on the town?. Begin the evening with a cocktail party in your Penthouse Suite or hotel lobby bar and then take a limousine ride around the city and check out some of the great nightlife happening on the streets. Cairns nightlife has something for all tastes whether you want live music, top 40, retro music or dance beats.

Karaoke! Another all time classic for hen’s night parties. There are several karaoke bars in Cairns, and Palm Cove has one of its own which the locals just love. Start out with a nice elegant dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in Cairns and then after a few kamikazes and sakes, have a go at the karaoke and see if you are the next Australian Idol!

Our favourite Hens or Bucks party involves the Cairns Great Barrier Reef. Let us arrange a Private Charter Boat and cruise over the waters of the Coral Sea at sunset or choose a day full of snorkeling and sun tanning or even a good days fishing for the men folk. A Private charter boat works out at a very convenient cost for a days private entertaining when you include all of the catering and you have your very own crew to look after your needs.

Ask the Cairns Holiday Specialists for A Cairns Private Charter Boat Quote

Once the charter boat has docked, you can then choose to carry on to spend some leisurely time at some of the local nightlife bars and clubs in Cairns.

Cairns Bucks Night Ideas

A Casino night is a great idea for your bachelor party. Cairns Reef Casino is located in Cairns city central and walking distance to all of the cities holiday accommodation. There you will find two great restaurants, a cocktail bar with live bands on weekends, a five star hotel, and a nightclub that is pounding till the wee hours of the morning and a two level casino with slot machines (pokies) blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and other table games unique to this casino. Guests, whatever you do do not let the Groom gamble away his wedding money or you will be out of the picture of this couples lives forever.

While staying in Cairns you may as well try out some fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the best fishing in the entire world is found just off the coast of Cairns. Charter a private boat for the day and sport fish for the giant black marlin and sail fish, bottom fish for some Coral Trout and Red Emperor. Barramundi is found in the estuaries and in the ocean and there are plenty of other fish for the catching such as: Nannygai, Mangrove Jack, Sailfish, Grunters, Sweet-lips and lots more. Bring some cold beers and spend the day with the men folk fishing on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef.


See the Cairns Holiday Specialists for Group Wedding Rates on Fishing

A night out hitting all the clubs, pubs and bars in the city is a somewhat popular idea for the younger generation’s style of bachelor party. Start the night out with some beers and a football game, from there visit the many pubs and nightclubs that line the city center of Cairns. Be very careful with this sort of bachelor celebration as there is always some guests that takes things a bit way to far and either gets themselves hurt or hurts someone else so we would suggest a more mature and appropriate way to celebrates is with some good clean fun like ATV’s.

For an action packed day with the lads why not rent ATVs and tear through the mud, dust and rainforest through obstacles tracks, jumps and trails. Not only is it a great bonding experience but you will get to see plenty of the iconic Australian countryside on the Cairns Tablelands.

For the more adventurous at heart Cairns has some of the best sky diving and bungee jumping in the world. Jump 14,000 feet out of an airplane and descend onto the beach at Palm Cove. If sky diving is not your thing then try bungee jumping over top of a waterfall in the midst of the rainforest. After you have finished your jump enjoy some beers with the boys at the patio bar that overlooks the bungy drop zone.

Why not a gentleman’s day playing golf? Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas have a great collection of championship and links golf courses, many of them right on the water. Play 9-holes or 18-holes, we can have you all equipped with the best golf accessories available, arrange the transportation for your group and we can also offer you the option of having a fully catered lunch or just drinks and nibbles once you have finished your games. Competitions and prizes can also be arranged to make the day even more fun.

By planning as much of your wedding as possible before arriving in Cairns you will allow yourself more time to experience the wonderful attractions of the region that bring thousands of tourists to this area each year. Seize this once in a lifetime opportunity with family and friends to experience some of the exciting tours and sightseeing attractions of the far north. The Cairns Great Barrier Reef is the major essential attraction for you and your guests that just cannot be missed. Whether you would like us to charter a sail boat or catamaran for your friends and family or you may like to just go out on one of the larger day boats to the coral reefs this attraction must be experienced whilst you are in Cairns. Snorkel, scuba dive or simply just sun tan and swim; The Cairns Great Barrier Reef is perfect for all ages even Grandma and Grandpa will love it and it is a wonderful way to enjoy the fabulous year round weather of Cairns Queensland Australia.

Rainforest Safaris, Horse Back Rides, Helicopter Flights, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, White Water Rafting, Crocodile Cruises, Jet Skis, Waterfall Tours the list of things to do is endless. Keep in mind the more people attending, the earlier you should book. Peak season in Cairns ranges from Christmas and New Year and from June to September the other months are classed as shoulder periods.

Call the Cairns Holiday Specialists on 07 4059 5959 to Make The Planning Of These Party Ideas Easy And Save You And Your Guests Money As Wedding Groups Receive Discounts For Registered Weddings