Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

Cairns Holiday Specialists Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

Just so we are all fully aware of our responsibilities and liabilities we have written our Gift Voucher “Terms and Conditions” here in Basic English language.

These “Terms and Conditions” relate to our current group of websites known under the brand are,,,,,, and any future website that are managed by the Cairns Holiday Specialists and for tours and experiences where we act as agents.

The goods and services that can be purchased as a “Gift Voucher/Certificate” from these websites include overnight accommodation, car hire, massage, tours and attractions or a voucher to a nominated value in Australian currency to be spent on the aforementioned.

When you are purchasing a Gift Voucher from any of the websites that are managed by you are bound by the Term & Conditions that are published on this website.

Gift Giver

How To Purchase A Gift Voucher:

Simply call the team at Cairns Holiday Specialists and discuss the “Gift Voucher” options and make payment with them over the telephone on 07 4059 59 59 or on-line at

They will then send you a printed “Gift Voucher Card” that has its own unique voucher number

Just advise the team of what you would like written on the card along with your postal address and the Tour or Experience you would like to purchase

You may also like to purchase a Gift Voucher for a nominated $ value and not choose the Tour or Experience on behalf of the recipient

Should you not receive the Gift Card within 10 days please call the team to advise.

 Should the “lost” Gift Voucher Card turn up at some time we ask that you destroy it so your recipient does not expect two gifts from you

You may browse some of the Tours and Experiences here at

Please note when paying by credit card there is a merchant fee of 1.2% for Visa and Mastercard and 1.8% for American Express

You may also transfer monies into our bank account from another Australian account for free.

Please note overseas transfers incur bank transfer costs and currency fluctuations so please consult your own bank regarding these costs. Any transfer fees we are charged will be passed on to you.


 If you have purchased a Gift Voucher and you have changed your mind and would like us to cancel the voucher you will need to return the unused gift voucher to our offices for us to verify and cancel the voucher

All refunds will incur a 30% handling fee for the total value of that Gift voucher i.e.: $300 Gift Voucher value – 30% is a fee of $90.00 with the balance of $210.00 to be credited back to your account

All refund requests must be made and processed in writing 14 days prior to the departure or travel on the tour or experience

No refunds will be made within the 14 day period of travel and refunds must be outside the 14 days of the 12 month validity period of the original purchase date of the Gift Voucher 

Please note:

Monies will be credited back to the Gift Voucher purchaser in the way they were made for the purchase originally i.e.: credit card, debit card, cash or bank transfer


 Should you wish to change your Gift voucher for another Tour or Experience you can change it with Cairns Holiday Specialists who act as agents for those tours and or experiences for the a fee of $10.00

Again this exchange must be outside the 14 days prior to travel or the booked date of the tour or experience

Should you wish to exchange the voucher for an experience or a tour of a lesser value any remaining balance will be credited to your Cairns Holiday Specialists account to purchase further vouchers and it will be subject to the same expiry date as the original purchase date of the voucher  

If you wish to exchange your voucher for a higher value tour or experience this will need to be done 14 days prior to departure or travel and you will be required to pay at the time of the request.


Please note that the date of purchase price is the price of that tour or experience for 12 months validity.

We reserve the right to change prices without notice for special events and promotions during this period.

Transfer of Gift Vouchers:

 All “Gift Vouchers” are fully transferable and the terms and conditions here apply. Cairns Holiday Specialists accepts no responsibility for any stolen or fraudulent Gift Vouchers.

Gift Receiver

How To Use Your Gift Voucher:

Call the team at Cairns Holiday Specialists on 07 4059 5959 to advise them of your “Gift Voucher Number”  and advise them of your requested date of travel

They will then send you an electronic “Travel Voucher” via email (or post if requested) for you to confirm your booking.

You then need to print this “Travel Voucher” and give it to the company that is providing you with your Tour or Experience.

Please follow the instructions on the E-Travel Voucher and browse the tour operator’s terms and conditions on their company website

Please note:

Should you not provide this “Travel Voucher” to the Tour operator or Accommodation provider you may not be permitted to travel and your Gift Voucher may be cancelled and non-refundable. Please see the tour operators own terms and conditions  

Lost Gift Vouchers:

 If for some reason you cannot find your Gift Voucher you may be eligible to have a replacement voucher emailed. This will be at a cost of $10.00

Conditions for replacement are as follows:

  1. The voucher is still valid and has not yet been exchanged or used
  2. Proof of purchase is required. Invoice / receipt number or credit card receipt, purchasers full name and contact details are to be shown to Cairns Holiday Specialists
  3. Cairns Holiday Specialists are able to verify from the Gift Giver that you are the Gift Recipient
  4. Proof of the above is to be collected by the voucher recipient. Failure to do so will mean no replacement voucher can be issued

Expiry and Validity Extensions:

All Gift Voucher Tours and Experiences must be used within 12 months of the date of purchase.

Expired vouchers are non-refundable in whole or part and are no longer valid for use

Should you wish to extend the validity date of the Gift Voucher you may do so at an administration cost of $20.00 plus the increased cost of the Tour or Experience should it have increased since the date of purchase

This extension will need to be completed and paid for 14 days prior to the expiration of the initial 12 months from the purchase date

The Gift Voucher Tour or Experience must then be booked and travel completed within 60 days from the date of the extension

No further extensions will be accepted

Expiration Date:

Please see expiration date in bottom right hand corner of your Gift Card

Providers of Experiences:

Gift Vouchers are sold by Cairns Holiday Specialists acting as agent for these companies

All Gift Vouchers are issued subject to the terms and conditions of each Tour or Experience operator along with the terms and conditions of Cairns Holiday Specialists as written here and we suggest you read the terms and conditions of each experience and tour on their own websites prior to travel

Cairns Holiday Specialists is not a provider of such services and or experiences and has no responsibility for any services or experiences provided or not provided by the tour experience provider or any other party

You are advised to check the tour or experience providers safety certificates and insurances to satisfy yourself as this is not a responsibility of Cairns Holiday Specialists acting as their agent

Cairns Holiday Specialists makes no warranty or representation regarding the standard of any service to be provided

Cairns Holiday Specialists Liability:

Cairns Holiday Specialists has no liability for any act, omission or default, whether negligent or otherwise of any tour or experience provider or third party.

Cairns Holiday Specialists has no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by any negligent act or omission of any experience provider or third party

Where Cairns Holiday Specialists liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the Gift Voucher purchased

Availability of Tours And Experiences:

As Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas are very busy tourist destinations all year round we suggest you book your Tour or Experience at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment due to no availability. Your Tour or Experience is not confirmed until you receive your E-Travel Voucher from Cairns Holiday Specialists with the travel dates as requested

We suggest you contact the Tour or Experience provider at least two days before travel to confirm your travel details  

Insurance and Taxes For Tours and Experiences:

Some Tours or Experiences may have a degree of difficulty and possibility of danger so some tour operators may ask you to pay a nominal fee towards insurance to cover you in case of an accident. This payment is to be made direct to the tour provider.

Some tour operators such as the Great Barrier Reef tour operators are required to collect an Environmental Management Fee from each of its passengers that travel out to the reefs and islands from Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas. This fee is payable direct to the tour operator

All fees are clearly displayed on the terms and conditions of travel on the tour operator’s website and on the Cairns Holiday Specialists vouchers

Restrictions on Tours and Experiences:

Certain Tours and Experiences require a person to have full mobility and be responsible for their own safety and security and some Tours and Experiences are subject to minimum age, weight and other health restrictions please discuss this with the team at Cairns Holiday Specialists upon booking.

Please note you will be ineligible to participate in a Tour or Experience should you be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or be of a violent nature on the date of travel and your E-Travel voucher will become invalid and you may be liable for charges by the provider of your Tour or Experience

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