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Dec 12

AAAArrrrggghhhhhh What Am I Going To Buy Her For Christmas?

Posted on December 12, 2014 by

Gift Voucher Christmas DL resizedGift Voucher Christmas DL resized

…Geez What Am I Going To Get The Kids Too?

I am going to be in sooooo much trouble if I do not get her Christmas present right this year, my life will not be worth a cracker in 2015 with the nagging I will get if I do not buy her a gift that will knock her off her socks.

Now, what has she been hinting at for the last few months? I cannot quite remember as she is always talk talk talking at me about this or that? Come on brain kick in to gear your sanity depends on it now don’t let me down!

No just joking really I have the most wonderful wife who is loving caring and the ideal home maker and a really responsible loving mother to our children so I need to give her a Christmas  gift that she knows I spent a great deal of time thinking about and sourcing.

Should I get her something for the home or a new dress? Maybe not so sure about the dress idea as:

A) Do I, a mere male, have good taste in ladies clothing? and

B) maybe something in the home is not quite personal enough as a Christmas gift, it may just end back up right back at me like a missile I was not quite prepared for!

How can I make everyone happy this Christmas and give them the gifts they were hoping and wishing for?

Oh I have got it, yahoo a light bulb moment A GIFT VOUCHER yes… A GIFT VOUCHER!

couple-giving-christmas-gifts 3

Now where can I get one of those and what sort of gift voucher let me have a browse on the internet and see what I can buy in the Cairns region for a family.

Perfect the Cairns Holiday Specialists have some nicely presented gift voucher cards

I can buy some tours and accommodation so we can all get away for a while over the Christmas holidays and enjoy our Christmas presents together as a family.

Perfect I am so brilliant I will be the father of the year with this little beauty of an idea!

What a joyous occasion the Christmas holiday season will be this year!

Author: Christina James – Cairns Holiday Specialists


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