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Aug 20

Cairns Underwater Film Festival (CUFF) August 23rd 2014

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The 8th Annual Cairns Underwater Film Festival will be held at the Cairns Civic Theatre on the 23rd August 2014

Celebrating the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef

Film Fest - diver

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is an incredible ecosystem made up of diverse underwater marine species and many fascinating living organisms. Teaming with bizarre looking creatures and coral rich with colours and multiplicity beyond imaginable, this natural wonder of the world has a compelling reason to be celebrated!

We are very proud to announce the 8th annual running of the Cairns Underwater Film Festival CUFF, 2014. This brilliant celebration fuses underwater cinematography from all over the world. Talented personals come together to share their creative, yet extraordinarily unique underwater film and photographic masterworks. This local event brings to life the beauty and fascinating underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. The Cairns Underwater Film Festival invites those who love to explore what lies beneath, appreciate the natural environment and all that it is made up, while having a passion for world-class imagery.

Film Fest - lady silk

Tell me more

CUFF brings you underwater photography like no other. The festival is made up of an underwater film and photography competition. The event showcases imagery from around the globe, brought to you by local and international artists, including many talented artistic children. The event is run by volunteers who share their passion for the marine and its extensive beauty. The occasion has caused such a stir that it now has many recognised local, national and international sponsors. To name a few of these respected sponsors; Nautilus Explorer, Pro Dive, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, Passions of Paradise, Reef Magic and many more. All profits from the film festival will be donated back to the community through selected volunteer organisations, scientific research, conservation groups and charities.

Minke Whale, Great Barrier Reef

The purpose behind this unique festival

The Cairns Underwater Film Festival is run by a group of volunteers passionate about the reef and its many precious marine species. All profits from the event will be donated to local environmental causes including the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre CTRC, the Minke Whale Project and Tangaroa Blue. The CTRC provides rehabilitation for diseased and injured turtles, before they are well enough to be released into the wild again. The Minke Whale Project, which is based at James Cook University Cairns, conducts a series of research expeditions that focuses on the whale’s behaviour, social and economic values, as well as the sustainable management of swim-with the whale’s tourism. Tangaroa blue is a not-for profit organisation that focuses on sustaining marine health, as well as coordinating the Australian marine Debris Initiative. These organisations are in need of your help. By either participating or attending the Under Water Film Festival you are helping these organisations with their important marine protection projects.

Film Fest - Turtle

Prizes and last year’s winners

There are many brilliant prizes to be won. Last year the winners of the Underwater Festival were awarded all sorts of fabulous prizes, this year they are even better! Just to name a few, winner of ‘Best in Show’ will win a Great White Shark Trip worth $2,500, winner of ‘Wide Angle’ will receive a $5000 Walindi Resort Dive and stay package in PNG and winner of ‘Diver’ receives a $4000 Coral Sea Dive Trip with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.There are many many other prizes up for grabs!

.Underwater Film Fest - people and awards

When and Where

The 8th Annual Cairns Underwater Film Festival will be held at the Cairns Civic Theatre  on the 23rd August 2014. TheCairns Civic Theatre is on the corner of Florence, Sheridan and Grafton Streets, Cairns. The doors open at 6pm and the film begins at 7pm. There will be an intermission, and the program ends at approximately 10.30pm.

Further Details

Please visit for more details and to purchase tickets. This event provides you with a compelling reason to visit this beautiful piece of paradise, also known as Cairns and take part in supporting the Great Barrier Reef, so contact your friendly Cairns Holiday Specialists today, Click Here. While you are here, experience the Great Barrier Reef first-hand, as well as the World Heritage-Listed Rainforest, Click Here.

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