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Mar 17

Law Of Attraction – Finally Experienced Great Barrier Reef in Australia It Really Is Great!

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Quicksilver Platform Aerial View

Always wondered what the Great Barrier Reef that everyone talk about is & what is so special about this reef in Australia? Understood the reef has amazing corals, there species & house reef while working in Maldives for 5 years. Always inspired by underwater world while snorkelling in Maldives.

Always wondered how the underwater world can be so beautiful & the best thing is it can be seen by naked eyes as the water is all so clear.

All these days while living in one of the busiest cities in the world like Mumbai, India I never knew that sand can be so white & water can be so clear and beautiful. Talking about beautiful reef around island or house reef which is not more than 600 sq meters island in Maldives, I was holding my breath to see & explore the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns Queensland Australia.

I am from India and on my first adventure in Australia and this is my blog about my day on the Great Barrier Reef

Of course I did my homework & was thrilled to read the size of this Great Barrier Reef & how the Australian Government of tourism is working to preserve it to be protected as a listed World Heritage site.

Referring to the Law of attraction “is always in operation and that it brings to each person the conditions and experiences that they predominantly think about, or which they desire or expect” & I have to agree to this again, my dream & desire came true.

I got this opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef on 27 February. A tour was organised by Quicksilver group under there program called “Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef Cruise”. The tour commences from Port Douglas which is 60 min scenic drive from Cairns.

The Great Barrier Reef With Quicksilver

Pick up was organised by Quicksilver and scheduled transfers are available to reach the destination from where Cruise starts.

Trust me the coach journey is also amazing & you will not fall asleep for a single minute. It is an extremely diverse route where you will have a great drive past mountains, coastal roads, rainforest, farmlands, a short drive with something that will satisfy everyone. Best way is to hire a car & drive thru the coast road yourself which will enable you to stop at few most interesting lookout points on the way.

Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Tour

It took approx. 45 min to reach Port Douglas. Once you are off the bust the staff will point you in the direction of the Quicksilver office where you will have to get your tickets at ticket counter. Crew as usual very friendly & were waiting for me to arrive, I was given a complete brief of what to expect on board & was all ready to get going and begin my Great Barrier Reef tour.

Right from issuing ticket to boarding was super smooth & very professional. There are 2 cruises leaving at same time but I was on “Outer reef” which is supposed to be the most stunning reef on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. You board on the lower deck of the boat and attention has been given for special needs, needless to mention crew is always available & ready to help.

Perfect For Guests With A Disability

This is the perfect tour boat for guests that have any physical disabilities as they have hydraulic systems to get the guests in the water so they can also enjoy seeing the reef. So if you are in a wheel chair no matter book this boat as it is the best on the Great Barrier Reef for people with a disability.

Have a read of this page on Cairns Attractions for more information for guests with a disability who wish to book accommodation and tours in Tropical North Queensland Australia.

On Board The Wave Piercer

It is tropical thus standing out can be hot & humid, however the moment you get in the cabin you feel it’s worth waiting, warm welcome from the special crew at the door & genuine smile makes your day. Crew briefs you about welcome drink on board which is usually a chilled ice tea, water, coffee & biscuits. If you have sea sickness, don’t worry at all, they have ginger tablets on the counter & I see relief on the faces who are prone to seasickness.

All crew has special coloured jackets for each of the day’s activities such as the helicopter crew in orange the dive crew in blue so you can easily identify them.

Just remember to pre-book your extra activities as you may get overwhelmed by the options available on board and the spaces may already be booked out.

Wavepiercer Cruise Boat

A little Indian boys tip:- As you are boarding an early morning cruise in the tropics sitting on the left hand side of the cruise boat is perfect so you avoid the hot sun staring at you for 45 min.

If you are lucky some of the following options may still be available to book – scuba dive, guided snorkelling, sea walker, guided marine talk which is free & submarine ride of 30 min & the best is GBR scenic helicopter ride, you don’t want to miss this on board. I was the luckiest to get this ride & best is seat is in the cockpit with the pilot.

I suggest you plan your day thru the experts from The Tour Specialists.

What Was An Indian Boy To Expect?

Reached the Agincourt Outer Barrier Reef in 45 min with the stylish wavepiercer cruise boat, you will be flattered by its beauty, the speed & options available. If you are a photo freak, step on the tip on the cruise where you have a stunning view of the ocean & feel like a captain. You can have a pic with your partner with Titanic pose, don’t worry about Ice Mountain hitting your boat as you are cruising in the tropics!!

You reach a stunning secure floating platform that is anchored to the reef with different points, floor plan is available on board to understand where to go for which in water activity.

Quicksilver Platform

What To Do And What To See On The Really Great Barrier Reef

There are 4 points, Scuba point, scenic helicopter flight point, Marine point & Centre where food is served; don’t worry you will not get lost at all as you don’t have options to run around & you will be busy doing in water activities.

Since I had pre-booked guided Snorkelling and a scenic helicopter ride I was given time & points for every event. It was 12 noon & I was at point 2 where a small boat will take you to a Helicopter landing point, 5 min over ocean with a crew who will explain you the do’s & don’ts & make sure you have safety gear while boarding helicopter.

Helicopter Scenic Flight From Quicksilver Platform

As said earlier, I was lucky to sit in the cockpit with the pilot who is extremely knowledgable about the reef systems and they will be your guide for 30 min while taking a low level flight on the outer edges of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It was an out of the world experience while you take off & see a reef under your feet oooo la la words are not enough to define majestic great barrier reef.

Helicopter Scenic Flight Over The Great Barrier Reef | North Queensland

Eating Out On the Great Barrier Reef

Back on the cruise deck in 30 min all surprised & I guess unforgettable view of reef you will ever see in your life “The Great Barrier Reef”. Once back on board was all ready for lunch which is served at the centre of the platform called platform 1, don’t get confused if seats are all occupied make yourself comfortable at one place as most of the passengers will leave there bags on seats & are either snorkelling for hours as they are in love “with reef” or on Helicopter. Food is delicious consisting of cold cuts, salad & main which is usually a combination of meat & vegetable so vegetarians don’t worry about food at all. If you are allergic to something make sure you inform crew in advance if possible.

Lunch On Quicksilver Platform | Departing From Port Douglas

Had a fantastic lunch & was all ready for guided snorkelling & was wanting to overrule my experience in Maldives. Since it’s the green season thus reef may potentially have some jelly fish crew will update you for the same & to protect yourself from sunburn and any stings you can always hire a lycra suit which is available on board. All snorkelling equipment is included in your tour ticket price.

Could not wait to jump into the water & it was 30 degrees when I dipped myself in the ocean I went straight into a different world, what a magnificent reef with variety of corals & colourful, astonishing creatures & as friendly as the people in Australia, I bet you don’t want to come out of water once my Indian brothers and sisters see it for themselves.

While all my schedule events are done, I still had an opportunity to attend the semi-submersible submarine ride which is free of cost if you miss it don’t worry, on board there is something called under water observatory where you can walk thru & experience underwater world without touching water & is available on board all the time.

Semi-Submersible Submarine


Time was not enough to think & go another time in water & it was 3.30 a honk from the cruise boat was an indication of a mama asking to come back we have to go!! & myself a kid who never wanted to go away from water. But mama wins always. Back on a board & ready to move back to Port Douglas. That ride back to Port Douglas went remembering the sight of beautiful reef & friend fishes & was like a dream. Could not imagine I did it at last, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef with Quick Silver Cruises.

Read about the Port Douglas boat tour here and make sure you do this Great Barrier Reef tour when you visit Australia.

Kiran Sonawane – Cairns Holiday Specialists


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