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Apr 17

Minke and Humpback Whale season Far North Queensland

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Minke Whales

Every May to September Minke Whales and July – September Humpback Whales migrate from the chilling Antarctic Sea to the Far North’s warmer waters. They come here to give birth and mate in the comfort of the tropic waters. 3 out of the Far North’s large collection of Outer Barrier Reef trips hold a permit for whale season from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) allowing them to go in search for Humpback and Minke whales and if you’re really lucky go snorkelling in the water with them.

Humpback Cairns

Humpback whales are known to be the most active of them all, splashing around the surface with they’re huge fins and tales. Even though there are likely to be over 10 thousand humpbacks traveling through the Coral Sea nowadays, back in the 1940’s when there was no law on whaling there was luck to be over 500.

Minke Whale season

Minke whales grow to be 7-8 meters long and are easily spotted with a white band on each flipper. Known to be very friendly in the water and around the reef boats these whales are known to travel in quite small groups, 2 -3 at the most.

During the whale season (commencing usually July) Reef Magic will operate a second catamaran boat for half day whale watching only tours departing the Marlin Marina Cairns at 9:30am daily. The spacious vessel caters for everyone with perfect views and plenty of space to capture the memories. This trip will offer you 3 hours out on the Great Barrier Reef searching for Humpback and Minke Whales swimming peacefully through the Coral Sea. Reef Magic is known to have the highest sighting rate in the Far North and never leaves a customer dissatisfied with this rare occasion. If on the off chance you miss the opportunity to see the whales, Reef Magic will put you on the next available boat with no extra charge. Being such a unique experience the boats can fill up quite quickly. If enquiries are still rolling in Reef Magic may choose to operate a second departure time at 1pm. Morning tea and whale information handbook included.

Swimming permits with Minke Whales

Poseidon – the GBRMPA has set strict guidelines for the boats that hold these rare permits to swim with the whales.  If whales are spotted Poseidon will take groups up to 10 people at a time on a floating line in the water where the whales are in complete control of the interaction made, this way there is no disturbance to the whales.

Snorkel with Minke Whales Cairns

Silversonic Along with Reef magic and Poseidon Silversonic is the third boat to hold the permit for whale season. Silversonic will travel to 3 completely different reef sites throughout the day with a roaming permit of over 20 reef sites. Silversonic will pick the most suitable sites for the day dependant on the weather. If you’re lucky enough to spot these curious creatures the boat will actually stop and allow you to get in to water and have a once in a life time opportunity to swim with minke whale.

Minke Whales are very friendly, playful and interactive creatures. They are very inquisitive of humans and are absolute gentle whales. We are so very lucky to have these rare marine permits.

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Author – Lydia – A Cairns Holiday Specialists Tour Specialist

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